The 24/7 Income Club was created in 2017 when we came to the realisation that there are more than two ways to make money - (not what we had been taught!) and we wanted to share this vision with the world.


Essentially all we knew was that there was two ways to make money: either you become an employee - having a J.O.B. - (Just Over Broke) OR you become self-employed; either way both of these options meant exchanging time for money. You put in an hour, you get paid for an hour. So where was the time and money freedom in this? I mean there are only 24 hours in a day? Are we supposed to work 20 of those hours and still never have financial freedom?


Another HUGE problem is people losing their jobs and with big corporations and retails stores shutting down we recognised that every single person needs a back up plan. We noted that people were losing their jobs because of AI (Artificial Intelligence), so we began to look into ways to use AI to our advantage - to make it our back up plan. 



We were looking for a way to make money whilst we slept, on holiday, spending time with family, enjoying life! - and that's when we came across the idea of passive/residual income. Since then, we haven't looked back! 

Warren Buffet said it correct when he said

'If you don't find a way to make money whilst you sleep, you'll work until you die'

Exchanging time for money for our whole lives wasn't even an option; here's a quote I like: 'People have created this philosophy of TGIF- Thank God It's Friday. But if you don't like what you are doing 5 days a week then why are you doing it? It's a very brief life'.

It is indeed a very brief life, people have told us time and time again that to make money you must work hard - this is true, but you also need to make sure you have something called 'leverage' so you're not just working hard, but working SMART. Working hard will only get you so far, working smart with leverage will give you everything you've ever wanted. 

So now let me ask you a question; if you had automated income enough to cover your bills, your mortgage and all of your liabilities; how would you spend your time? If you've never asked yourself this question before... now is the time! 

AI - Artificial Intelligence (or Automated Income!) has allowed us to leverage massively and be able to begin to create long term wealth for us and those around us. No longer slaving away 9 to 5, or if owning a traditional business - 20 hours a day. There is another way: and this is the philosophy that the 24/7 Income Club was created on. It is our mission to ensure that the idea and experience of passive/residual income is shown to millions of people around the world: so we can set ourselves and others free!


Well whatever you choose to do - make sure it makes you money - passively! 

24/7 Income Club - Educating & Helping Ordinary People Make A Passive Income